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What is the 3PATTI GAME?

It is one of the most played card games in India, also known as a flush, flash, or teenpatti. In this game, a group of players plays this game, and the player with the best card combination will win the pot. The game was originated in India, but most of its rules are similar to the British game “3 Card Brag”.

    Rules To Play 3 Patti Game
  • This is a game that can be played with 3 to 7 players, and a deck of 42 cards will be used, excluding jokers.
  • Each player will be distributed with three cards face downwards.
  • In this game, a player becomes a dealer that randomly first starts the game.
  • The bet for the game will begin from the player that is sitting left to the dealer after the card distribution
  • The players will only act on their turn, depending upon the strength of the cards.
  • There is no such limitation for betting rounds. The person who stays till the end of the game and has better ranking cards will win the pot
Things You Need to Know About 3 Patti

Boot amount: It is the minimum amount decided by the players, and it is put in the centre of the table. It is a minimum stake that every person needs to add to begin the game.

Blind & Seen: There are two types of players, i.e., Seen and Blind Players. Seen Players bet for the game after seeing their cards and keep them back facing downwards. But the Blind Players bet without seeing the cards. Still, they have the opportunity to be seen players whenever they want to. The amount of the bet will depend upon the type of player you are. Once the player sees the cards, he cannot play a Chaal to add spice to the game.

Sideshow: All the players after seeing their cards and betting twice the current stake. Now the player can request any of the players to show their cards. It all depends upon the requested player whether he approves or denies the request. If the player accepts the requests, the cards are compared, and the low-ranking player needs to fold.

Pack/Fold: A player can fold the cards anytime in the game, but all of the money invested till now in the game will be forfeited.

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