3 Patti is a card game that can be easily played on 3pattikhel.com. In this, the standard deck of 52 cards is used, and as a player, the main objective is to have the best three-card hand according to the hand rankings.

Mostly the outcome of the 3 Patti games is influenced by the element of luck. So,it is clear that the 3 Patti game is a game of chance.

The lawfulness of these games varies from one state to another in India. Mostly this game is legal if played with licensed operators in states like Sikkim and Goa. Rest all other states have banned this game.

The Indian government has gambling laws that restrict playing of the games of chance, like 3 Patti for real money. But these laws do not apply to international gaming sites,so one can play this game with a licensed operator.

To play 3 Patti, the interested person needs to be online at 3pattikhel.com. Then, the person needs to go to the Play section.Hereone can play free the first two versions of 3 Patti.