About Us

3pattikhel.com is an Indian gaming platform where the person can enjoy play online 3Patti game. Not only can you play this game, but you will get a chance to win real money. It is the safest platform that provides with best gaming environment for all the players.

Here, the players are provided with a memorable and secured experience that will help the players to play multi-player games or any tournaments.

The player can easily invite their family members to our platform to start playing their favorite game, i.e., 3 Patti. For this, the players need to set up an account, and whenever they wish to play, they just need to log in.

All the information related to the players will be kept confidential. All the latest technology is used to provide security to data. We also ensure that all the privacy policies are made clear to all the players right from the start.

We also offer the players with different options which can easily help in depositing and instant cash withdrawal. All the information regarding the payment modes of different players is also kept very confidential.

If you want to enjoy the best teenpatti game experience, just visit our website and enjoy your gaming experience.